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Massively OP

Jun 29, 2017

On this special bonus episode, Justin catches up with Richard Garriott and Starr Long about Ultima Online's spiritual successor, Shroud of the Avatar. How is this project shaping up now that it's nearing launch? Listen and find out!

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Show notes:

  • Intro
  • Geocaching
  • What is Shroud of the Avatar?
  • How do you retrain players to this type of game?
  • How did May's free trial program go?
  • Can you clarify the rollout? Why not do a wipe right before launch?
  • What's the status on the offline mode? How will that work for grouping?
  • What are the paths?
  • Are you still aiming for a five-episode rollout? How big is an episode?
  • When is optimization coming?
  • How many scenes are in the game?
  • How are you going to promote and hype the launch?
  • Player investments
  • Why a spiritual successor?
  • Outro

Other info: