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Massively OP

Jun 1, 2021

On this week’s show, Bree and Justin answer a host of reader mail! Topics include Blizzard being Blizzard, underwater zones, older MMOs, disillusionment, and how game studios could provide better tools for exploration. 

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your question to the show, use this link or call in to our voicemail at (734) 221-3973.

Show notes:

  • Intro
  • Mailbag: Why is World of Warcraft not trying to keep its players?
  • Mailbag: What was your first MMO that got you disillusioned?
  • Mailbag: When do MMOs become "oldies?"
  • Mailbag: Why do devs say things aren't possible or workable?
  • Mailbag: How do we feel about EG7's handling of Daybreak?
  • Mailbag: How can we get better world exploration tools?
  • Mailbag: What do we think about guild perks?
  • Mailbag: How can MMOs make underwater zones better?
  • Outro

Other info: