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Massively OP

Jun 27, 2017

On this week’s show, Justin sits down with Ashes of Creation's Steven Sharif to talk about the game's successful Kickstarter, handling a wild community, and the next steps for this up-and-coming sandbox MMORPG.

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Show notes:

  • Intro
  • What is Ashes of Creation?
  • What do you like best about some other MMOs you've played?
  • What's the office environment like there at Intrepid?
  • Why was this Kickstarter such a success?
  • What did you learn from the Kickstarter process?
  • Why did the web store take so long to start up?
  • Will the store post totals? Why no stretch goals?
  • Will there be continued fundraising?
  • Have you done anything to mitigate complaints about the affiliate system?
  • How much of the game is playable right now?
  • Will we start getting blog posts again?
  • How do you time nodes so they don't feel too quick or too static?
  • What is the roadmap for this year?
  • How will you wrangle a contentious community?
  • What traditional MMO systems and features are you rethinking for Ashes?
  • What will the housing system be like?
  • Outro

Other info: