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Massively OP

Feb 10, 2015

We're back in business as the brand-new Massively OP Podcast, and hosts Bree and Justin spend the hour bringing you up to speed on their gaming, the new website, MMO news, and listener emails.  Join us for our maiden voyage!


  • Adventures in MMOs
  • Website and Kickstarter update
  • News: SOE becomes Daybreak
  • News: World of Warcraft still over 10 million subscribers
  • News: Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns expansion
  • Mailbag: Pets and AI
  • Mailbag: First year of subscriptions are now early access?


  • Podcast theme: "Sanctum Sprint" from Guild Wars 2
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  • Stitcher, iTunes, and PlayerFM links coming soon!

over nine years ago

So Glad you guys took the plunge, was very excited to pledge and keep the ball rolling. Great start..

Lord Omedon
over nine years ago

(here's hoping the captcha for comments is only a placeholder function)

Ms. How Do We Reserve Our Actual Handles?
over nine years ago

Excellent! I'm going to enjoy this...

over nine years ago

Grabs hold of download link like a drowning person would a life preserver. Needs me some Massively Overpowered goodness to help me get through the day. :-)

over nine years ago

SO glad you decided to go the whole hog! I also think you're absolutely doing the right thing by making MOP a full website. For several years now, I always had the feeling that you were too big for the old format -- that the effort you all put in to couldn't be contained by the AOL blog format. Way to go! :)

over nine years ago

Awesome 1st podcast, guys. The music sounded triumphant at the intro and ending.

Curtis (Gylnne)
over nine years ago

Glad you guys and gals are back.:) Grats!

over nine years ago

Great to have the podcast back! One observation, Justin you didn't put the title music credit in the show notes. Is it original or from a game?
Look forward to many more!

over nine years ago

Well, now it's in the show notes! That's okay, glad to have it credited.

over nine years ago

Awesome episode! Can't wait to see the site!

over nine years ago

My MMO podcast, it's back!

over nine years ago

Great podcast, guys... but it left me wanting MO

Nate Woodard
over nine years ago

Aww yea! It's back!

over nine years ago

Great first podcast! I've been dying for some more Daybreak Gaming coverage and GW2. :)

over nine years ago

Great 1st(?) podcast! Really happy that you are carrying on. Liked the feedback regarding pet classes, especially Loremasters in LOTRO. I agree that you can let the pets do all the dirty work while occasionally throwing balls of fire. Looking forward to seeing the site soon(tm)!

over nine years ago

Good to hear you guys again. :D Great podcast as always!

over nine years ago

Any word on if the podcast will appear on iTunes?

over nine years ago

Yes, definitely looking for a iTunes feed. I must automate all the things.

over nine years ago

Yus! Now I can still get my podcast fix! You folks are the *only* podcast I regularly listen to. :)

over nine years ago


over nine years ago

NR 1! and the crowd gose wild. *goes wild with the crowd*

Great to have you back in my RSSfeed reader my podcast folder felt empty without you.

About a half years ago
over nine years ago

Excellent work! Also, I'm commenting from... the past! If there's any advice you'd like to share from the future, now's the time!

over nine years ago

Welcome back Justin and Bree! It's great to hear you two ruminate on the world of MMOs once more. :-)

Thanks for taking my question on pet AI. I still think pet AI is atrociously basic. This is very noticeable in dungeons, raids and PvP though I'd add open world content at times as well. Blizzard has slowly made pets in WoW better over the years such as the ability to mitigate area of effect damage. But in general, pets don't keep up with human intelligence and the demands for competitive play.