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Massively OP

Apr 26, 2016

There was not one, but two big gaming conventions this past weekend, and Massively OP reporters were on the ground at both PAX East and EVE Fanfest! Join us for a lively and informative hour of con reports from Eliot and Brendan. What can they glean about the future of MMOs from these shows? Find out!

It’s the

Apr 19, 2016

Welcome to Update-a-Rama, the only rama that basks in the glow of hearty MMORPG updates! Bree and Justin are your tour guides through an amazing week of game updates and launches. Also, there's a call for Massively OP community cookbook recipes. We might have gotten a little off-topic.

It’s the Massively OP Podcast,...

Apr 12, 2016

When the world of private and illegal emulators comes crashing down upon the heads of thousands of gamers, how will they ever express their anguish? Bree and Justin sift through the emotional wreckage of the Nostalrius shutdown during this week's show, tackling once again the topic of emulators and their place...

Apr 5, 2016

With April Fools' Day out of the way, we can get back to the ultra-serious business of talking about video games and all of the shenanigans that the industry and community produces! Bree and Justin return for another lively episode to talk about their favorite internet pranks, big MMO patches, and the welcome return of...